In many of our stories we talk about food. We love talking about food! Who's got the best cheeseburger? What's the favorite pizza place in town? Or maybe it's a story on a reinvented Big Mac.

The fact is it's no secret why we enjoy talking about food. We need to eat and it tastes good. Some of my favorite stories I've done involve one of my BBQ secrets.

Food is a must and it's great IF you have some. Have you ever been without food? I haven't in my 55 years, not one single day, have I not had something to eat.

Now, can you imagine being a little child with nothing to eat? A child is helpless. They can't go get a job. They need food and there's no way they can do anything about it.

Luckily we live in a wonderful community. South Dakota’s public schools provide free or reduced meals to children at risk of hunger through the National School Lunch Program.

Now, this takes care of child hunger during the school week. But what about when school is not in session?

The fact is there would be little children that would not eat from Friday's school lunch until Monday when they got back to school. This sounds sad and maybe unbelievable, but it's true right here in Sioux Falls.

This is where Feeding South Dakota comes in with life changing help. They offer the BackPack Program that provides food for when school is not in session for these children.

Let me share some numbers with you. Roughly 10,000 children in Sioux Falls schools are a part of the free or reduced price meals. Feeding South Dakota packs approximately 3400 back packs every single week right here in our city.

So the next time we talk about food, we may have a whole different outlook.

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