For the last couple of weeks, the world has been witnessing history while honoring a great monarch. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96. Her reign was long, and the memories she created are extensive.

People from around the globe have been paying their respects to Queen Elizabeth. Others have been sharing stories about the Queen including a North Dakotan who shares a unique bond with Her Majesty. I guess one would call them "friends."

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Multiple news outlets like People Magazine are reporting that Queen Elizabeth II had a pen pal in North Dakota. Adele Hankey of Park River always wrote to Queen Elizabeth every year. The two also had something in common: Their birthdays fell on the same day and year...April 21st, 1926.

Adele Hankey tells People Magazine that she sent the Queen her first letter after she was officially crowned the new monarch in 1953. To her surprise, Queen Elizabeth sent a response and a birthday card. For the next 70 years, Adele always wrote to Elizabeth on her birthday while always receiving a response. Adele made sure her writing was in tip-top shape for Her Royal Highness. "We had a teacher in school that said make your l's long and your e's little. So, we did. I asked her for a hat. I was hoping she would send me one. But she sent a lovely picture on her birthday," explains Adele Hankey.

Adele honestly does not recall how many letters the two exchanged over time. Despite the fact the two of them never met in person, each letter was truly special. Adele will miss Queen Elizabeth. "Oh absolutely. You miss your pen pals," lovingly says Adele.

Fun fact: Adele is a cookbook author. Her favorite dish to make? Anything with marmalade in it...another similarity she shares with Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth II really made a tremendous impact on the world, even in a little North Dakota town.

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