The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes is known for many things, but black sandy beaches likely aren't one of them. However, there is one majestic black beach tucked away in Minnesota, and here's how you can find it:

As the only black sandy beach in Minnesota, you'd think this place would be on everyone's vacation list. But because of its hidden location, many of the state's residents don't even know it exists.

credit: Mack Visual Films

According to Only In Your State, the Black Sand Beach lies in Silver Bay, Minnesota, which is about halfway between Duluth and Grand Marais.

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credit: bing err via YouTube

If you're traveling from Duluth on MN-61 North, be sure to make a pit stop at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. It's about halfway between Duluth and Silver Bay and the view is absolutley breathtaking.

credit: Jeanie Marie via YouTube

The great thing about this black sand beach is that the waters from Lake Superior are typically more calm than in other parts of the massive body of water. This beach may be small but it's definitely a hidden gem in Minnesota.

Just how did Minnesota get a black sand beach anyway? Well, it's actually due to a large amount of taconite being dumped into Lake Superior years ago. When the taconite came ashore, it turned the beach black.

To find out more about this black sand beach, check out the article from Only In Your State.


Story Source: Only In Your State

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