Someone in South Dakota is about to do the happy dance. Whoever has the $50,000 winning lottery ticket is being asked to come forward and claim their money, a $50,000 prize after the South Dakota Lottery’s Saturday drawings (March 10).

The Casey's General Store on Hansina Avenue in Volga is the business that sold the winning powerball ticket. It matched four of the five winning numbers and the Powerball to claim the game's third prize.

A statement from Wade LaRoche of the South Dakota Lottery office revealed details in a statement. "The winning numbers were 43, 44, 54, 61 and 69, while the Powerball was 22." said LaRoche. "The odds of claiming the prize were 1:913,129."

If you are the winner, the South Dakota Lottery office suggests you sign the back of your ticket immediately and visit a South Dakota Lottery office to claim your prize.

If you do win any lottery, tips from CNBC include:

  • Keep the ticket close. Make sure to sign the winning ticket and make several copies.
  • Chill. Typically, lottery winners have three months to present their ticket.
  • Remain anonymous if possible. It's best not to announce to the world that you've won.
  • Choose a lump sum or annual payments.


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