BROOKVILLE, Ohio (AP) — A rapid-fire line of apparent tornadoes tore across Indiana and Ohio overnight, packed so closely together that one crossed the path carved by another. The storms strew debris so thick that at one point, highway crews had to use snowplows to clear an interstate.

At least half a dozen communities from eastern Indiana through central Ohio suffered damage, according to the National Weather Service, though authorities working through the night had reported no fatalities as of early Tuesday. Some 5 million people were without power early Tuesday in Ohio alone.

A tornado that touched down near Charles City in eastern Iowa at about 12:30 PM on Monday. KSFY TV is reporting that a fertilizer business and a county fairground area sustained damage as a direct result of this twister.

According to the Des Moines Register, Local authorities reported a half-dozen tornadoes in the eastern part of the state as a severe weather system moved eastward Monday afternoon.

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