Danny Gokey, his wife Leyicet and their two kids are now a family of five: The couple's third child, a son, has arrived!

Gokey, a former American Idol contestant, shared the news of his third child's birth on Instagram on Tuesday (Aug. 29). Gabriel Daniel Gokey was born weighing 8 pounds, 8 ounces; Gokey's Instagram post -- which is a photo of his wife, his new son and him talking via FaceTime -- does not share his birth date.

“This picture may seem funny, but our baby came just in time for me to see him be born, hold him and love him, and then I had to run and catch a flight. The thing is, I forgot to get a picture of me, him and my wife @leyicet together,” Gokey explains of the unconventional family photo. "I can’t wait to get back home tomorrow to hold him even more. So thankful I got to be with him at birth!!”

Gokey and Leyicet got married in early 2012. Baby Gabriel's older siblings are Daniel Emanuel and Victoria Isabella.

Although Gokey was originally signed to RCA Nashville following his time on Idol, since parting ways with the label in 2011, his music has leaned more toward the Christian genre. He released his newest album, Rise, in January.

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