It still blows my mind that there is so much natural beauty and wildlife in South Dakota.  Seriously, who would have thought there was so much unparalleled character in this state.  Well (apparently), not many people do. That is...until individuals have an opportunity to visit one of our breath-taking state parks such as  Custer State Park.

In fact, Custer State Park was just recognized by American Way as one of its top five most "overlooked state parks" that "rival their better-known national counterparts."

According to its website, American Way believes that Custer State Park is a great destination for travelers who want to avoid larger crowds.  The South Dakota State Park actually made the number three spot on American Way's list.  The article from American Way highlights the over 1,300 bison on the property's 71,000 acres along with other wildlife, including deer, elk, bighorn sheep, and burros.  American Way explains, "Though the reserve is blanketed with hiking trails and is a popular destination for cyclists, its 18-mile Wildlife Loop Road allows much of the beauty to be enjoyed from your vehicle."

So what other state parks made the American Way list?  American Way's top five of the most "overlooked state parks" that "rival their better-known national counterparts” include:

  1. Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire
  2. Letchworth State Park, New York
  3. Custer State Park, South Dakota
  4. Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
  5. Big Bay State Park, Wisconsin

Unfortunately, when I went to the Black Hills in August with my family, we didn't have an opportunity to visit Custer State Park.  However, it will definitely be the first stop l make the next time I take a trip out west!

What do you love most when you visit Custer State Park?

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