A Chicago Cubs fan was saved from serious injury all because of a plastic bucket he decided to put on his head during the game.

Last week, on July 26, Kyle McAleer of Iowa was celebrating his 20th birthday with his father and uncle by taking in a Cubs game.

With the Cubs losing to the Arizona Diamondbacks, McAleer thought it was time to put a rally bucket on his head - something he saw former Cub Starlin Castro do years ago.

McAleer told reporters after the game, "After the Cubs gave up three runs I said to myself, alright, we're putting them on."

That's when an eight inch pin fell from the Wrigley Field scoreboard, hitting the bucket and pushing it down on McAleer's head.

McAleer suffered a two-inch gash on his head that required five staples, but he credits the bucket with saving his life. "There's no doubt it provided some kind of cushion."

The Cubs ended up winning the game and gave McAleer an autographed ball and jersey for his troubles.

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