You've been thinking about it for years. We all have. You've walked around all these years with that one prevailing thought in your head.

'Gee, if I could just sleep in an old time train caboose my life would be complete.'

Well, you can now complete your life's bucket list and not even have to travel too far to do it!

One of my favorite magazine's is The Smithsonian. I'm a history buff kind of guy and this is a great read filled with history of...well, every kind. And I discovered a great article on trains. Well, not exactly trains, but train motels.

If you're a train kinda person, you need to travel south to Waterloo, Nebraska (it's about 45 minutes west of Omaha). There's Union Pacific Cabooses parked on the original line, fully restored, and ready for you to bunk down for the night. Air conditioned and space to sleep up to six, you can cut the zzz's in an actual caboose. And while you'll travel back to the days of your ancestors, you'll have the modern touches as well (see air conditioning above) like a full kitchen, modern bathrooms and a lot more.

Now, that one is in the Two Rivers State Recreation Area, but there's also one in Minnesota as well as several other locations. Check out all the details and locations here.

And there you go, you can cross 'Sleep In A Caboose' off your bucket list. Now let's see, what's next. Oh yeah...

...running with the bulls.

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