At last, fairs and festivals are in full swing around the Sioux Empire!  That only means...greasy but delicious fair food!

It's difficult to pass up sweet treats and snack foods in general, however fair food just brings a whole new meaning to the concept of junk food.  Festivals are the type of places where eating fried Oreos, turkey legs, and supreme nachos are like a "right of passage." There are 32 area festivals alone in the Sioux Empire which is basically 32 chances to eat all the fair food you want!

Despite the fact there is such a wide variety of fried food to enjoy at any summer fair, one item on the fair menu stands out from all the rest in the state of South Dakota.  In fact, the  Food Network recently determined this particular South Dakota fair food can't be beat.

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If you're thinking this meal is chislic, you're wrong. Trust me, I thought for sure chislic would top the list.  However, there is one South Dakota specialty that just might top chislic.  Believe it or not, Food Network believes the Smoked Roast Beef Sandwich is the go to meal at the South Dakota State Fair. According to the crew from the Food Network, "The South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association has been serving its signature creation at the Huron-based fair for more than 15 years, to the tune of one thousand sandwiches per day. Locally-raised beef is seasoned with a top-secret rub and slowly roasted on a hickory wood-fired pellet grill for eight hours." That sure is a lot of meat!

So if you're planning on visiting the South Dakota State Fair in Huron this year, try a smoked roast beef sandwich!  While you're at it, try some of these other classic fair foods that most likely will be available!

What's your favorite food to eat at the fair?

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