More than seven in ten adults aged 20 or older in the United States are overweight or obese. And yet Americans are expected to spend over $68 billion on programs designed to shed those extra pounds.

WalletHub went state-by-state to see who's put on too many pounds and who's fit and trim.

South Dakota? Well, as it turns out, we're slenderer (Slenderer?? Is that a word?) than the majority. We're ranked 31 which means there's a whole lots of place's, ah, bigger than we are.

Colorado ranks at the bottom, which for these purposes, is the top. They are 51st (The District of Columbia is included) which means they are the least obese.

On the other end of the, uh, scale?

Well, if you're in the deep south, you may be what my dear Mama called 'big-boned'. Mississippi heads up the least of 'too big', followed by West Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas.

The folks at WalletHub break the numbers down even further here talking about high cholesterol, how much fruit and vegetables we eat, high blood pressure and a lot more.

Suffice to say we could all be a little healthier, no matter where we live.

Now twist the top off that Grain Belt Longneck and turn on the football game.  Oh, and pass the Cheetos.

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