I'm sad to see the nice weather slowly come to an end. I love being outside at the end of the day.

I always enjoy the evening taking in the yard and the plants. Most of all, spending a little time at the grill along with a favorite beverage.

I grill more than the average person. Over the years I have been perfecting my skills.

If you get the meat to the exact level of cooking, you are a grill master. Don't go by guessing, cooking time, feel, or by cutting into the meat to see if it's done.

Those are all the common mistakes. The one and only fail proof method, is measuring the internal temperature of the meat you are cooking.

I have a meat thermometer on me at the grill. It's that simple to getting it perfect every time. Use this as a guideline and adjust the temperatures as you go to fit your desires:

  • Beef steak 145 degrees
  • Hamburger 160 degrees
  • Pork chops 145 degrees
  • Chicken 165 degrees
  • Fish 145 degrees

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