A couple of years ago I saw a video that showed a super easy way to make something that is already really easy to make and honestly it's better.

The video was cinnamon rolls on a waffle iron. Put a disk or disks of dough on the iron, cook them, do any other fancy stuff you like, and enjoy. It's such a simple way to make them I felt stupid for not having thought of it.

I didn't follow the directions on the video, or anything for that matter. I just fired up the waffle iron and opened the dough.

Depending on the size of the dough disks, and how hot your waffle iron gets, you'll want to experiment one at a time and see how long it takes to cook. My waffle iron has adjustable heat so I put it on medium and it cooked them pretty fast. I never timed it but between one and two minutes was plenty to get them cooked without burning the outside. The Pillsbury video said 3 - 4 minutes and that may be correct as I don't recall the brand of dough we used but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Pillsbury.


In their video they made a big show of making some cream cheese glaze, which I'm sure is delicious, but I didn't mess with that. I just used the little package of frosting included in the tube and we topped them off with that.

So make your next Saturday morning better. Bust out the waffle iron and some cinnamon roll dough. You're welcome.

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