Vehicle theft and break-ins in the Sioux Falls area are on the rise according to the Sioux Falls Police Department. It doesn't matter what part of town you park in, your vehicle could be a target.

While I have never had any of my cars stolen, I did have one broken into. Fortunately, the only thing that was taken was some coins in the cupholder. However, the feeling of being violated takes a while to get over, not to mention having to repair the damage caused by the criminal. Now I never keep money or valuables in my vehicle, hard lesson learned. Here are some things you can do that might make the bad guy skip your car and move on to the next one.

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Common sense ways to prevent auto theft

Worst Parking Lots in Sioux Falls Metro

Let's face it, some of the parking lots in the Sioux Falls metro are pretty hard to navigate. Sometimes it feels as though you're taking a risk driving through them on a busy day.

We made a list of some of the worst parking lots in the Sioux Falls Metro. Be extra careful while guiding your vehicle in these tricky lots.

Is the parking lot you dread driving in the most on this list? Take a look and find out.

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