This is a huge week for television networks because new and current shows are starting to premiere.  Sometimes these premieres answer unanswered questions from the previous season.  Other shows can leave people confused and questioning if they missed something.

34 shows alone premiered within the last three days according to Entertainment Weekly.  By the time this week is over, a combined total of 70 for new and current shows will have premiered.

Here is a breakdown of the television lineup. 13 of these shows are series premieres, including NBC's "Bluff City Law," ABC's "Emergence," and CBS's "The Unicorn."   The only show that is premiering on a streaming service this week is "The Politician" on Netflix.  ABC's "Modern Family," NBC's "The Good Place," and Fox's "Empire" are the only shows entering into their final seasons.  In total, 53 shows are continuing their stories in a new season.  One series that is breaking a huge record and happens to be one of my favorite shows is NBC's "Law and Order: SVU."

This show will enter its 21st season on Thursday night, and it will be the longest-running US primetime drama in the history of television.  "Law and Order: SVU" brings my family together as we try to solve the mystery.  Now that I am over 500 miles away, my sister and I call each other in between commercials to get each other's immediate reactions. It's something that I always look forward to!

Did you watch any television premieres this week? What are your favorites so far? What show are you looking forward to watching?

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