It's no surprise that the state of South Dakota is home to a lot of livestock. But these cows might just be the most unique ones around, and you can find them grazing about 90 minutes from Sioux Falls.

These cattle are obviously not native to South Dakota, in fact, they come all the way from Scotland.

According to Only In Your State, these Highland Cattle have been at the Moschell Farm near the small town of Fedora since 2007. Now they have around 100, which have become quite the roadside attraction in recent years.

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Highland Cattle come in a variety of colors including black, brown, yellow, red, and silver. They also have distinctive, longhorns, along with long hair, which grows from the top of their head, blocking their eyes.

A good portion of these cows' coats change color as they mature. Calves are often born a chocolate color, which turns to black as they reach adulthood.

At the Moschell Farm, they have one of the more unique farms in the entire Mount Rushmore State. All of the cows are grass-fed and have plenty of room to graze and none of them are fed antibiotics or take hormones.

Many of the Highland Cattle are sold as pets, while others are sold for their meat. Their meat is said to be some of the most delicious beef there is.

For more information on the Moschell Farms check out this article from Only In Your State. You can also find more about Moschell Farms on their Facebook Page here.

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