With crowded calendars and a shortlist of summer dates, event organizers around the state struggle to find a date that might work, let alone come up with an idea that may resonate with potential guests. It seems the people of Freeman, South Dakota have figured both out with their Chislic Festival.

Sunday, I heard from P.J. telling me, 'hey, I have some photos from the Chislic Festival in Freeman, would you like to use them for a story? I said, sure, send them over.

According to organizers lines were long and utilizing the Arboretum to spread things out was a good idea. According to reports we're hearing up to ten-thousand people attended and flocked to the event from all around the country.

It's tough to come up with an idea, let alone a date that you might be able to draw a crowd of this type. It looks like the people in Freeman, South Dakota have done both.


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