Everybody's got their favorite weird food combination. And I'll admit one of mine is a radish sandwich.

Now, before I get to the latest crazy menu item, I will say that I like chicken nuggets and I do love ice cream. But, I don't want them together in the same bite.

Are you ready for chicken nugget ice cream? An Irish company creates yes, exactly that, chicken nugget flavored ice cream. If you like sweet and salty snacks, here comes chicken nugget ice cream.

It's the creation of Irish ice cream company 21 I-C-E (XXI ICE), who debuted the flavor earlier this week. To make the ice cream, three nuggets are placed on an extremely cold surface to make rolled ice cream.

The company has a history of creating weird concoctions. They created a cheese and onion potato chip ice cream for Saint Patrick's Day.

For me, I'll stick with my butterscotch caramel topping for my ice cream.

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