Country-pop newcomer Chelsea Gill is giving readers of The Boot exclusive first access to her new music video, and it's one wild ride! Putting passion back into romance has never been more fun than in "A Little Crazy."

The second single from Gill's debut EP, "A Little Crazy" tells the story of a couple that's set in their ways but sets out to add a little spark to their relationship. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter says that when she started writing the tune, she wanted to share an exaggerated story that hit right at the heart of her message.

"I wrote the song "A Little Crazy" as an over-the-top, humorous story to express that we all need to lighten up every once in awhile," Gill tells The Boot, adding that the making of the music video definitely pulled her out of her comfort zone in all the best ways. “Pushing myself out of my box to become the character in the story came together so perfectly. I hope people enjoy it!"

The music video for "A Little Crazy" follows an "old married couple" as they shake things up and hit the town … and inadvertently fall into the adventure of their lives.

"We need a little action, baby / Let's go out on the town," sings Gill in "A Little Crazy," leading into the chorus: "'Til all we remember is a flurry of whiskey, getting tipsy, letting go / Been too damn long since we got a little wild / Just for a while, lose control / Tonight I wanna fall for you like the day we said "I do" / Baby, why don't we make love a little crazy."

Directed by J. Lockhart and featuring Gill along with a cast of local actors, the "A Little Crazy" video was filmed around Nashville and made great use of Music City, shooting at the infamous karaoke dive bar Santa's Pub and even bringing in press to be featured in the video.

"When my genius video director, J. Lockhart, and I started exploring the storyline for the video, our goal was to create something unique, sexy," Gill explains, "but more than anything, a video that would be a blast to make and watch."

The concept of using the community to reach audiences isn't a new one for Gill, either; in fact, the process of releasing her self-titled debut EP was just as much of a community effort as making the video. Gill funded the recording and cutting of the record though Kickstarter, and the video for her first single, "Tennessee Heat," also features Nashville locals and hotspots.

The Chelsea Gill EP was released on April 26 and features “A Little Crazy,” along with five other original songs. Fans can find out more about Gill and upcoming tour dates on her official website; she works with 612 Management Co., LLC for booking.

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