Cam recently wed her longtime beau Adam Weaver in a desert ceremony in California and couldn't be happier. Now back in Nashville after a whirlwind two-week honeymoon in Japan and Bali, the singer sat down with press outlets for a chat and shared why Dierks Bentley had her in tears with his thoughtful wedding gift.

“The gift, he was kind of embarrassed about this, so I don’t know if I’m supposed to say it, but it meant a lot to me,” she says. “He and his entire band chipped in and got us gift cards to (home stores), because I just bought a house too.”

In addition to beginning her career and planning a wedding, Cam and Weaver started planning their new home together, so her stress level was at its max. Despite what you may have heard, having one hit song on the radio doesn’t make you a millionaire, so paying for everything was still very much a concern. Both parts of his gift meant so much to the couple.

“He gave me … one of the koozies he’s got, and it just had a wad of cash in it,” Cam says. “I bawled because I think anybody who knows what it’s like to not have a lot of money and be stretched for cash, that’s probably one of the sweetest things."

"He’s like, ‘I remember what it was like when I was trying to first set up my home and my wedding. I know it’s really stressful,’" she relates. "I could cry talking about it right now. It’s really sweet and really thoughtful. He’s like, ‘I wish I was giving you a specific gift.’ I was like, ‘No, I really need this cash.’ It was really thoughtful.”

The singer returned from overseas bursting to talk about the wedding, her recent AMA and CMA Awards nominations, chatting with Dolly Parton (“I told her she had big ones, and that was in relation to her songwriting muscles," Cam says, "And afterward I realized how that maybe was inappropriate") and her upcoming headlining tour. Taste of Country was on hand as she dished details about the vows (they didn’t write their own), the late-night snacks (a churro feast that nearly didn’t happen because the driver’s car broke down) and the fortune teller.

Yep, a fortune teller in a bright yellow trailer! Cam's wedding took place in Joshua Tree, Calif, with muted desert colors in the background but bright yellows, reds and more popping from her decorations and flowers. The newlyweds have pretty much spent the last two weeks ending every sentence to each other with “husband” or “wife,” as in “I love you … husband!”

Cam’s "Burning House" Tour starts on Oct. 27. On Monday she learned she was up for the Favorite Female Artist - Country Award at the American Music Awards. Put that alongside two CMA nominations and she’s feeling pretty good as she continues to write with her second record in mind.

“Wow! I’m kind of shocked that people know who I am," she says modestly. "That’s still really surprising to me.”

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