The city of Harrisburg recently finished an Out of Cycle Census in hopes to gain federal funds for road improvements in 2017.

Mayor Julie Burke-Van Luvanee says that the City of Harrisburg may have hit a population threshold of 5,000 residents, allowing the city to receive federal funds. If the results show that Harrisburg has indeed hit the threshold, it will split funds evenly with 16 other municipalities of that size.

“Our residents are awesome,” said Burke-Van Luvanee “Everyone really pulled together.”

The Out of Cycle Census started April 8 and concluded Monday, April 25. Results will come in mid-July, just before budget returns in August.

Mayor Burke-Van Luvanee also announced the opening of a Fareway in Harrisburg in 2017. The building is planned to be 18,000 square feet, and look almost identical to the Farway located on 41st and Sycamore.

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