We're a friendly bunch here in South Dakota. There aren't millions of us here (Thank Goodness!) and if everybody doesn't know everybody, well, everybody knows somebody who knows that other person.

We like to keep things informal, friendly if you will. I mean, you can pretty much travel the entire state and give a nice 'Howdy' to folks on a first-name basis. You don't need a 'Mister' or 'Missus' or 'Miss' or 'Ms.'. In fact...tell you what...hop in the car here and we'll take a little trip and I'll show you what I mean.

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Let's get off this 'ol interstate and cruise some of what people call the 'backroads'. Oh look, there's Bradley right there! Been here in the state a good long while, and so has Virgil and Frederick and Trent.  All good folks, too.

But no time to dally. we got other guys and gals to visit.

Oh my goodness, 'Howdy, Marvin! Give our best to Raymond and Henry when you see them, will ya?' It'd be fun to take some time to stop and visit, but then we might miss our pals ErwinWard, and Sherman.

Hold on just a second, I want to turn here and say Hi to Lane. Got a special place in my heart for Lane, the same name as my Grandson, ya know?

Oops, we better stop and get some gas, runnin' a little low. Then we'll get along and visit with our friends WallaceEthan, and Hazel's brother, Harrold.

What's that, last names? Nah, here in South Dakota we're all on a first-name basis. Heck, 'bout the only time we need to be gettin' to a last name is birth, marriage and...well, when we make the paper for the last time.

Oh, look there, give a friendly wave to Isabel and Lily! Are they related? Well, we're all kinda related here in South Dakota through friendship and caring. Oh, and there's Dallas and Davis, no they're not twins, but they're some of the kindest people in the state, folks say. And while you're chatting with them, we might as well stop by and see what Gregory's up to.

Ok, I know you're tired so on the way home we'll just give a friendly nod to Ramona and Roslyn, a quick wave to Florence and Chelsea, and a hello honk to Brandt and Emery. And yes, that's both Dante and Quinn waving to us way over there. Give 'em a wave back.

Oh, I 'spose there are some good things living in them big cities across the country.

But I know there's a ton of good things about being on a first-name basis with our friends all across South Dakota!

Welcome To South Dakota's Underwater Ghost Town

You may be thinking, "I didn't even know there was an underwater ghost town in South Dakota!" You're probably not alone, but- - surprise!

In fact, odds are pretty good that you have been there, maybe gone swimming off the sandy beach on the south shore, or fished for rainbow trout in it, maybe had a leisurely picnic beside it, or kayaked, even waterskied on it.

Any guesses?

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