What is South Dakota's top crop?

I know, I know! Corn. It's corn, that's South Dakota's top crop.

Well, yes, of course it is. Even a skinny bald old guy like me knows that. Just drive around the state, take in the beauty of our state, and a big part of that beauty is row after row after row of corn.

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But, what about the second, third, fourth and fifth biggest crops in the Sunshine State? Can you name those, and in order? That might be a bit tougher.

I think I might be able to stumble onto the second biggest crop. I'm thinkin' soybeans, because when I motor and meander around the rural area's, I see a lot of beans. Not as much as corn, but a lot.

As far as the rest of the Top 5, well, I check with my friends at the This Is Farming website. That site is one of my favorites (and should be yours) because they have a bunch of cool stories, everything from things for kids to things for the hardcore Ag man or woman.

And that's where I found out the Top 5 crops in the state. And yes, I was right on with those top two (I'm patting myself on the back right now). As for the next one's...well, here you go.

1) Corn

2) Soybeans

3) Hay

4) Wheat

5) Alfalfa (I should've known that, I hauled a lot of alfalfa bales back in the day)

So how much corn does our great state produce? Well, we're sixth in the entire nation.

So when you're tooling down the highway, or the gravel road, and you see a farmer in the field, give him a friendly wave and a thumb's up. And be safe out there!



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