Floods have devasted homes and families across Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota. One South Dakota family lost everything due to the recent flooding, so one of the kids started a lemonade stand to help his family.

Nine-year-old Tuff Boulware from Jefferson, South Dakota saw his parents navigate flood waters around the family home. Without giving it a second thought, Tuff started a lemonade stand to help his family get a new home.

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Our news partners at Dakota News Now are reporting Tuff and his family are currently living in a camper and were only able to carry the bags on their backs.

JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls
JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls

Tuff has been like a little beacon of hope for the family. His parents Elizabeth and Trent say they are so grateful to have a son like Tuff. He's been keeping the family together and faith strong.

'He felt pretty helpless during all this and he’s seen dad leave a couple times going out there and I wouldn’t let him go, it’s too dangerous,' says dad Trent. 'And I come back and he had this set up. He said I’m going to buy you a new house daddy, so he’s trying himself.'

His parents are so proud of Tuff.  He is truly a courageous kiddo!

So where can you find Tuff and his lemonade stand? Anyone looking for a refreshing glass of lemonade or wanting to help Tuff and his family can visit the Super Wash in Riverside in Sioux City. More details about Tuff's lemonade stand and his story can be found here.

What an inspiring story! Way to go Tuff!

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