One of my favorite parts from the movie "Christmas Vacation" is when Clark is having a conversation with his father in the front yard, just prior to him unveiling his Christmas lights project to the entire family. Clark says, "Dad, you taught me everything I know about exterior illumination."

If you've been driving around lately, you've probably noticed all the rather impressive-looking Christmas lights displays scattered in and around Sioux Falls. I think even Clark W. Griswold himself, would be impressed by some.

One community in the Sioux Empire that is really embracing the exterior illumination aspect of the holidays is the city of Brandon. So much so, they've turned it into a contest this year.

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Dakota News Now reports, Brandon's Roger Hunt "Light Up the Town" event is back for its 4th year in a row.  And this year, the event is a friendly little competition between businesses in the community as they all compete to have the best-decorated storefront in town.

As Dakota New Now reports, the event started back in 2018, as a way to help bring the community together around the holidays.

Rachael Neiman, the Brandon Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director told Dakota News Now, “It’s an event that was put together to give back to the community this time of the year it’s so fun to drive through Brandon and see all of the businesses light up it just gets everyone in the holiday spirit."

The event is named after Roger Hunt, a man who worked in Brandon for a number of years, and from what it sounds like, shared a passion for exterior illumination around the holiday season that would probably even make Clark Griswold jealous.

Hunt’s son, Lamont Hunt told Dakota News Now, “Dad was a huge fan of Christmas and we decorated huge at our house he had the law practice here in town and he even decorated that pretty big some years."

A total of 15 different Brandon businesses are participating in this year's Light Up the Town event. The winner will be determined through an online voting process.

People will be able to cast a vote for their favorite decorated Brandon business until December 10. A winner will be announced on Saturday, December 11.

This little competition kinda gives a whole new meaning to the term "Let's Go Brandon" doesn't it?

If you're looking for a little fun this weekend, hop in the car and take a peek at all the participating Brandon businesses.  Then vote for your favorite here.

Source: Dakota News Now

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