With Summer in full swing and the grill going regularly out on the patio, we enjoying one of the most popular eats of the season, and that's hot dogs. there's nothing like the taste of a hot dog right off the cooking grid with dark black lines burned in and perhaps even a whole side of the dog blackened.

Then for me, it's onto the bun with some horseradish sauce. or, another way I like them, is with diced onions, dill relish, mustard and some jalapeno pepper slices. Either way, the only thing that really works for washing them down, is a cold beer.

But now, let's get to what I really want to talk about. and that's, what hot dogs do you choose when you go to the grocery store? Have you ever found yourself looking at a whole wall of different brands and versions of hot dogs.

There most definitely is a difference in hot dogs. For me, they have to be beef hot dogs. We either choose Ball Park Angus or Hebrew National bun length beef.

Who has the best? Well, a study was done, and a panel of experts gathered by a food website unanimously agreed that Nathan’s Famous is the winning hot dog.

It tasted flavorful, and was seasoned but not salty. Plus it had a gentle snap to each bite. Nathan’s Famous has had plenty of time to perfect the recipe: The company has been making franks for well over a century.

The Runner Up by the way, was one of mine, Hebrew National..

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