What is the best day of the week to take a day off from work? The answer may very well surprise you.

My immediate thought was to choose Friday or Monday to add to weekend time off. If you were thinking the same, we are both wrong.

Instead of opting for a long weekend, consider skipping out on a Wednesday.

Shifting back and forth from the weekend to the work week can have a very powerful effect on our health, according to UT Austin communications professor Dawna Ballard.

But when we shake that cycle up a bit and take a break in the middle of the week, we get a chance to realign with our internal clock and finish off the rest of the work week refreshed.

In looking at this, we may totally agree with the theory. We recently got to experience this situation back on the Fourth of July. The holiday landed on a Wednesday this year (2018).

I remember it well. we worked two days, had a day off. Then back to work for just a couple days and then it was the weekend. I was a great week all because of one day off.

So check your vacation time to use up and see if you can use one day for a Wednesday off. It might be your best week of the year.

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