Sioux Falls Cinco de Mayo Burritos

Sioux Falls has great, local restaurants that offer food lovers a chance to try a little bit of everything. Whether it's pizza, burgers, or food from around the world, Sioux Falls has lots of delicious options.

Sioux Falls also has a variety of local Mexican restaurants to try an enticing enchilada, tasty taco, or burrito bursting with flavor!

Speaking of burritos, where can someone find the tastiest burritos in Sioux Falls to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Best Burritos in Sioux Falls

Based on the new reviews and rankings on Tripadvisor, here are the top ten restaurants in Sioux Falls that have the best burrito in town.

Just a quick note: Some of the restaurants in this list are not named on Tripadvisor. Since Tripadvisor named some chain establishments, I added some local restaurants to this top ten list.

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Sioux Falls Area Farmer's Markets

We can finally go outside without our nose hairs freezing! It must be spring in South Dakota. And when the days are warm that means the gardens are growing. It's farmers' market time in Sioux Falls.

Fresh produce, locally made goods, great people, and a good time are found at these farmer's markets around Sioux Falls.

Iconic Sioux Falls: Rosie's Cafe

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