There are plenty of hole-in-the-wall restaurants in the Hawkeye State that are not only favorites of the locals but are also a destination of sorts for food lovers from hundreds of miles away.

Many of these eateries are well known in their respective towns but rather unknown to the outside world. The Cheapism website decided to change that, with its recent article on the most underrated restaurant in each of the fifty U.S. states.

There's a good chance you've never visited this establishment but you'll want to change that asap after reading this article.

One look at the menu and you'll see why this restaurant sets itself apart from its competitors.

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Which Iowa Restaurant is the Most Underrated in the Hawkeye State?

Credit: Er Photo via YouTube
Credit: Er Photo via YouTube

According to Cheapism, the most underrated restaurant in all of Iowa is La Regia Taqueria in Iowa City.

What makes La Regia Taqueria so special? Here's what they have to say on their own website:

We want diners to walk out of our establishment feeling happy, full, and looking forward to their next visit. Furthermore, we believe that authentic flavors and a vibrant atmosphere go together in giving customers the best Mexican food experience.So, come to La Regia Taqueria with your classmates, colleagues, friends, and family. In true Mexican fashion, delicious food deserves to be shared!

-La Regia Taqueria Website

To see what La Regia Taqueria is all about, check out the YouTube link below.

And to view the full list of the most underrated restaurant in each state, see the article from Cheapism here.

Story Source: Cheapism Website, La Regia Website

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