Don't you just love a perfectly chilled beer at the end of a long day of work? Sit back, relax, and sip on a cold one?

Oh, you can have any kind you like. And in just about any flavor.

Well, maybe not any kind. There's one beer that's illegal in 15 states.

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The latest brewski from Sam Adams is illegal in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont and West Virginia.

Did you notice the good news? South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota are not on that list!

The beer is the 12th version of Sam Adams Utopias brand. It's something they roll out every two years, and will be on its way October 11. Ok, but why in the world would a harmless new beer be illegal in 15 states?

Well, it's potent.

The brew contains 28% alcohol by volume. That means it's five times the average strength of U.S. beers. And that is why it's illegal in those 15 states.

So while this time honored tradition from Sam Adams can be enjoyed in Sioux Falls, Larchwood & Luverne, you folks in Missoula are out of luck.

Oh and by the way, you'll want to bring along some bucks when you pick on up. It will run you about $240.00 for a 25.4 ounce bottle. And it might be hard to find. They only brew up about 13,000 bottles.

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