Sunday was Funday at Wild Water West.

My daughter Jessie and our two granddaughters motored up from the heat in Nebraska and joined us in the heat of South Dakota. Hailey is 17 and MacKenna is 12. Saturday night was off to the movies for the first time since...well, before the pandemic. We happened to choose a movie that, we all agreed, was a whole lot less good than we thought it might be.

Which movie was it? Nope, not naming it here. Heck, you might like it.

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Anyway, Sunday was going to be Wild Water West day. And as bad as the movie was, that was how great Wild Water West is! Coming into the park, the wading pool looked inviting to a lot more people than us. Nothing like beating the heat by just wading in and feeling the water for the first time.

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So did Wild Water West inspire sisterly love? Well, maybe...there's Mackenna and Hailey in a warm pose. But hey, there are things to do! Maybe a nice leisurely tube float, not a care in the world. Or taking advantage of one of the slides in the park.

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Of the two biggest slides in the park, MacKenna informed me the white one is the best because, in her considered opinion, it had the biggest drop. In her words "I lifted off it for 5 seconds!" She went on to say yes, it was scary...and then went back to it a couple more times.

The wave pool was another huge hit. Then it was off to the go-kart track. Oh and look, there's the mini-golf, too.

Food? You betcha. Nachos for a couple, a hotdog and chips for a couple of others, and a cheeseburger for one more. Sodas and bottled waters all around.

So yessir, Sunday was Funday at Wild Water West.  And really, there really isn't much better in the world than "Thanks Grandpa & Grandma!"

Nah, thank you kids...and thanks Wild Water West.

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