When you can say that your workday was more fun than work, you've found the right position. Here in Sioux Falls there a plenty of those open positions waiting for you.

City of Sioux Falls Twitter
City of Sioux Falls Twitter

No reason to be cooped up inside when you can get paid for having a summer job outside in the park, at the swimming pool, or on the golf course.

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The Sioux Falls Team has both part-time and full-time positions open.

There are hundreds of openings with increased wages.

In the next couple of months, Sioux Falls Parks & Rec will have walk-in-interview opportunities for positions in aquatics, parks, maintenance, mowing, recreation, lifeguards, and more.

And if volunteering is more of what you are looking for, the City of Sioux Falls Volunteer Program is perfect for individuals or groups.

So, come play in the outdoors of Sioux Falls and earn some extra money.


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