Art Maze II was open for two days last weekend in downtown Sioux Falls. In the same building as JAM Art and Supplies and Exposure Gallery and Studios was the entrance for Art Maze II.

While the second go round was a smaller affair than the original Art Maze it still had plenty to offer. I also found it interesting that the first Art Maze was in the dead of winter and was very cold and the sequel was in the middle of Summer and was very hot.

My favorite piece was probably the "Lady With Pockets" interactive art-thing. I'm not sure what else to call it. One woman set up a freak show-type setting where she was putting pockets in all her women's clothing. It is so dumb how a lot of women's clothing don't have functional pockets! Very clever!

Also, the light installation hallway was pretty fun!

Another piece that stood out to me because it scared me was the half man/half beast sculpture. It was too life like and I couldn't look at it for very long. I thought it was going to move. It really is a compliment to the artist that it scared me so much. It was soooooo real looking. Plus, it reminded me of American Horror Story: Covenant and that show freaks me out.

Check out some highlights here!

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