Are Americans getting tired of eating turkey on Thanksgiving? That's a great question.

Even though we learned that 280 million turkeys will be consumed again on Thanksgiving Day this year, we were surprised to find out that one in four Americans are tired of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, including the main course.

Americans are changing things up by serving a main dish besides turkey. Sixty-four percent of people surveyed say they would be willing to skip serving the standard bird on Thanksgiving, and 30% say they’ve already stopped serving it each year.

With those numbers in mind, it isn’t so surprising that one in four Americans listed turkey as the most overrated Thanksgiving food. Other commonly cited overrated foods were cranberry sauce (37%), sweet potatoes (27%), green beans (25%), and mac and cheese (24%).

The main dish for my family is prime rib beef. However, we do all the traditional side dishes, including green bean casserole. Yes, we even do that.

But we haven't completely eliminated the turkey. We still bake a turkey breast in the oven.

And for the record, I plan on consuming around 4500 calories with everything combined. As far as my income with my career, I'm not getting rich by any means, but I'm certainly not starving to death!

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