Is it really all 'Good in the Neighborhood?' Applebee's restaurants have quietly been closing around the nation, and CEO Richard Dahl of DineEquity told investors on Thursday (August 10) that the chain is "long overdue to begin downsizing and closing underperforming restaurants." The move begins soon on 135 locations.

Sioux Falls has two Applebees and both seem to be fairly busy. There is usually a wait time in the Empire Mall location - and that's a good thing. The east-side restaurant scene is strong and the E. 10th Applebees seems to benefit from that.

Here's why Sioux Falls residents can rest easy with the latest news: The Applebees that close will be around "dead malls" or low traffic areas. The Empire Mall is thriving and the traffic was so great that the need for a new 6 lane road is nearing completion.

Sioux Falls locations will be fine. Of course, that's not official, but I believe it's truly all good in our 'hood - at least for Applebees.

The same company, DineEquity, also holds IHop and things might be going in the same direction for that chain. But again, according to Business Insider, CEO Dahl is cautiously optimistic.

IHOP remains on solid ground, despite soft sales this quarter.  I am optimistic about the growth in both effective franchise restaurants and system-wide sales.  IHOP is currently rolling out initiatives to address the convenience needs of our guests, which are inclusive of online ordering as well as accelerating tests for delivery and development of an IHOP mobile application.  We believe these will create enhanced revenue channels.”



Again, I don't believe we need have concern. It's a good experience, it's always busy, and it's in a high traffic area on 41st. street.

So hoist the tall Brewtus and enjoy one of the best app menus in town!

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