This weekend we were at home on the east side of Sioux Falls when we looked out our living room window and saw a duck sitting on the roof of our neighbors house. I had no idea that ducks like to land on the top of houses. I don't know if this guy was confused or maybe just lost his flock. Has anyone else seen ducks on houses in or around Sioux Falls?

Duck Sitting on Top of House
Ben Davis/Results Radio

A little later on a buddy of his joined him. I'm not sure what their relationship was, so I'll just say "buddy." However, this got us to talking about duck dating habits.

I knew geese mate for life, but what about ducks? So I googled "do ducks mate for life"? (FYI: don't Google "duck sex" on your work computer)

Turns out ducks are kinda slutty. According to Wikipedia, "Ducks are generally monogamous, although these bonds usually last only a single year."

Oh... and it turns out that scientists have solved one of the acoustic world's riddles. It is a myth that a duck's quack has no echo. Turns out duck's quacks do echo. It's just very difficult to hear.

I need to find better things to do with my time...

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