If you are a frequent flyer on American Airlines out of the Sioux Falls Regional Airport you will still be able to catch a flight, while some other airports wont be able to say the same thing.

The Sioux City Airport will no longer service American Airlines flights after the airline announced last week that they were cutting flights to some airports.

Beginning October 7, American Airlines will halt flights to Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City as they reduce the number of flights at multiple airports.

Sioux Gateway Airport is one of 15 airports that will see the change with American Airlines cutting flights due to cost issues.

Sioux City doesn't have a large selection on flights and in fact the departure of American Airlines will leave the Sioux Gateway Airport without any commercial airlines for one week.

According to reports, United Airlines will add commercial flights beginning October 14 to Denver as the hub city for those trying to fly directly out of Sioux City.

The other cities that are affected by the American Airlines change are:

-Del Rio, Texas

-Dubuque, Iowa

-Florence, South Carolina

-Greenville, North Carolina

-Huntington, West Virginia

-Joplin, Missouri

-Kalamazoo-Battle Creek, Michigan

-Lake Charles, Louisiana

-New Windsor, New York

-Roswell, New Mexico

-Stillwater, Oklahoma

-Williamsport, Pennsylvania

It will be interesting to see after we get through the COVID-19 pandemic if these cities and Sioux City see any other commercial airlines come to their locations to fill more of the void left by American Airlines.


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