It's been an enchanting few days in downtown Sioux Falls. The Sioux Empire is very excited and fortunate to have the hit Broadway musical "Disney's Aladdin” live at the Washington Pavilion.

Thanks to the Washington Pavilion, award-winning Broadway shows like "Disney's Aladdin” come to the Sioux Falls area every year. But this time some cast members of "Disney's Aladdin” wanted to share the Disney magic experience and explore a "whole new world" in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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A fun Facebook video from Washington Pavilion and our news partners at Dakota News Now captured the "high adventures" with The Genie (AKA Marcus Martin) and Ensemble member Sonia Monroy. We ain't never had great friends like these amazing cast members from "Disney's Aladdin!" 

The Genie himself made several appearances around Downtown Sioux Falls including enjoying a cup of coffee and croissant from The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co., visiting the Arc of Dreams, doing some tap dancing on the stage at Levitt at the Falls, and saying "hello" to the gorgeous falls at Falls Park.

Marcus Martin says he finally found the "best croissant" and it's right in Sioux Falls!

Sioux Falls students at Sonia Sotomayor Elementary School also got a special surprise visit from Ensemble member Sonia Monroy.

Dakota News Now (with permission)
Dakota News Now (with permission)

Dakota News Now is reporting that Sonia Monroy spent some time with the kids singing and answering any questions they had about "Disney's Aladdin.” Sonia Monroy hopes that her story inspires kids one day to follow their dreams and reach for the stars

“I love to share. One day, I was a kid, and I always looked up to those people I always admire, and today, to be here, I think I’m doing that — talking to them, hopefully, I can inspire someone."

There's still time to see "Disney's Aladdin” at the Washington Pavilion! Shows go from now until Sunday, December 3rd. Ticket details for this extraordinary Broadway show can be found here.

Take a ride on this magical carpet ride at the Washington Pavilion!

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