There really is 'no place like home'. Even when it's 5 below zero.

My family and I just returned from a two week vacation in Maui. We got back Saturday night landing at the airport in Sioux Falls.

I'm not going to kid you, the 80 degree weather was fun and walking around in shorts everyday got pretty relaxing. Walking around barefoot on warm grass and hot sand felt nice too.

When the last day came we felt a little sad that it was over. We had more fun than I can possibly describe all the while we were there.

We take a trip to Maui each year and always look forward to it. My wife especially loves going because she has family there including her mom.

So leaving warm weather there and coming home to the cold isn't anything new to us. But I will admit this year was a little harsh.

Going from 80 above to 5 below zero inside of 12 hours is a shock to the human body. I will not tell you the words that I was saying to myself as I was digging my car out Saturday night in the long term parking at the airport.

I will tell you that I asked myself why anyone in there right mind would come back to this. I did get an answer within a short period of time though.

After my body adjusted and after seeing the people here that I know along with getting into our house and back to the work place and doing the work that I love, I realized that being home is the best place in the world to be.

A far away island in the Pacific is a fantastic place to visit. I will call paradise Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Mark Tassler/YouTube

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