Like fans everywhere, I'm baseball starved this summer. No thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, I haven't been able to watch my Minnesota Twins, although hopefully, that will change soon. But I got something better than the Twins this 4th of July weekend.

I got to see my Grandson's playing honest-to-goodness baseball.

We drove down to the Omaha metro on Friday. A nice drive, nice weather, and not a whole lot of road construction (A little 2-way traffic on I29 south of Sioux City). It's always an adventure for this small-town boy to get through Omaha to Bellevue where my son and his family live, but I have to give one thing to technology: That lady on the smartphone does a pretty darn good job giving directions.

So we get all settled in and head off to Bennet and Ayden's games. Two of them on Friday, one for each boy. That's the twelve-year-old Bennet in this first picture below. Yep, he pitched and did great! 10 strikeouts in 4 innings pitched and a big win. That's us in the group out in the outfield grass.

Randy M. TSM

Bennet's 8-year-old brother Ayden played on Friday and doggone, he pitched too and they won their game! He's pictured below on the mound.

IMG_0732 (1)
Randy M. TSM

Ayden played again early Saturday morning, this time catching, and another win for his team.

Actually, truth-be-known, I didn't really care a lot if they won, just seeing Grandkids outside, playing and having fun...what a treat. It was easy to see they love the game, really like being with their teammates (friends!) and just I love that, too.

And Gramps was sure to congratulate them after the game!

Randy M. TSM

Then it was a drive back to Sioux Falls. Once again, the lady on the phone got us home safely. In fact, when she was directing us out of Bellevue, she brought us over a toll bridge (a nice young man wanted a dollar) and back to I29. Once we were on the Interstate, I told her I knew the rest of the way.

I'm not sure she was listening.

I hope you had a 4th weekend as good as I did, Burgers, Brats, Baseball with the Grandkids. Life is good.

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