I ask the question, "How low can you go?" Before I go any further, let me point out that I hate a thief.

And now I hate them even more. Somebody was so far down as a scum bag, that they stole my grill.

It was not my large Big Green Egg on my deck at my home. But it was my mini size one that my wife bought for us to use when we travel.

We went on vacation in August to a well known lake resort. We stayed there for a whole week, and this is where our little portable grill comes in.

Right after grilling some burgers for my wife, son and me, the grill was sitting on the well lit patio outside of our cabin cooling off.

When I went back out to get it and bring it in, it was gone. We are out around $400. Who would steal someone's grill? You would have to be pretty low to take a grill.

I hope whoever took my portable grill, enjoys the food they prepare on it!

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