Don't be confused with the J.A.G the TV show starring David James Elliot and Catherine Bell from the mid-'90s. No, this is a much different JAG that the South Dakota Department of Education has introduced to three high schools in the state.

The Jobs for America’s Graduates-South Dakota (JAG-SD) program will begin in the 2021-22 school year, bringing the total number of schools to nine. New to the program are Lyman High School, Oelrichs High School, and Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School.

“I’m excited for the young people in these new JAG schools to become part of the JAG family,” said Beth Schneider, state director of JAG-SD. “One of the great things about this program is that JAG specialists continue to check in with JAG students for a full year after graduation. Our JAG-SD programs continue to outpace the JAG National standard. As of the end of the school year 2020-21, 87% of our JAG-SD students maintained full-time employment 12 months after high school.”

After more than 40 years, JAG continues serving youth who face significant challenges and helping them reach economic and academic success. Currently, one of the primary goals is to keep students engaged. Helping them to stay in school, graduate, and transition into the working economy.

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The organization is made up of leading Governors, C-Suite Executives of the Fortune 500, and National Community Leaders.

Andes Central Middle and High School, Bennett County High School, Todd County High School, and Wagner Middle and High School also have JAG-SD programs.

The JAG Model program spans 1400 middle schools, high schools, and other locations in their states.

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