Today on "Andy and Christine In The Morning" we were able to speak with Jeff Griffin, the new President and CEO of the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

In this morning's interview, Jeff spoke about what life in Sioux Falls has been like for local businesses the past few weeks since the Covid-19 outbreak hit the United States. He also discussed the ordinance that Mayor Paul TenHaken introduced on Wednesday.

Credit: Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
Credit: Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

Griffin, who first started as the CEO and President this January, also spoke about the role the Chamber is taking within the city during the pandemic. The Chamber recently put together a website, which has resources for businesses to find the relief they need in these uncertain times. There's also restaurant information, including menus and how to order for delivery and takeout.

The newly created site is and carries a wide variety of information for business owners in the area, as well as citizens.

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