Corona Virus. COVID-19. Social Distancing. Uncertainty.

There's no way around it. It feels like we're living under a dark cloud.

Remember that old goofy saying, 'Behind every dark cloud there's a silver lining'? Well, as it turns out, that old saying isn't goofy.

It's not goofy at all.

While the current times we live in are confusing, chaotic and even scary, there's a silver lining if you look for it.

My friend John Parks wrote something on his Facebook page that caught my eye and touched my heart. He was writing about the social distancing, the closing of schools and how his kids are home now and they're spending a whole lot more time together and a different kind of time.

I won't copy the entire post, but there was a short part of it that said:

For me, I am getting to know my kids for who they are instead of everything they are involved in. It's odd/sad to recognize that...but there is a difference.

I knew immediately what he meant. I mean, it hit me right between the eyes and smack dab in the middle of my heart.

The very same type of thing happened to me, only on a different level (and generation) and at a different time.

My parents spent seven-plus years in a Nursing Home together. And for those seven years, my wife and I spent some time very nearly every weekend there. And while we were able to get them out and about some, there was a lot of time spent sitting in the common area in the home, around a table, playing cards, board games and talking. And talking. And talking.

And I began to know my parents in a way I'd never experienced. It would be fair to say I came to know my mom and dad more in those seven years than I had in the previous fifty.

As John said in his post, it was odd/sad to recognize that. But John, I may have some good news for you:

There comes a time when it's not odd/sad. It's wonderful, and a blessing.

Folks, this damn COVID-19 Corona Virus is a heavy, dark cloud. But it will pass. It WILL pass. And in the meantime, my friend John reminded me you could well have the opportunity to know the people you love most in a deeper, more meaningful and better way.

And that would be a silver lining in a confusing, chaotic time.

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