Everybody's moving. Or looking to move.

There's a lot of reasons folks are looking for that new home. Maybe a new job is bringing you to town. Maybe you're downsizing because you've become an empty-nester. Maybe your upsizing because another bundle of joy has joined the family.

Maybe you're just tired of the same old place you've lived in for years. And years. And years.

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Whatever the reason, a lot of folks are on the move. Sioux Falls is growing like the proverbial weed, and so are the towns around it. New homes are going up here, there and everywhere. And while that's great for people, there are other families that are looking for something perhaps a little more...affordable. In other words, an older home.

I love those old houses, those old homes. You know, the one's that have some character to them. My nephew and his family live in a house in the Twin Cities that's well over a hundred years old...and they absolutely love it. I've owned a few of those kinds of homes over the years. Oh no, not the historical century-plus one's, but a home that's a good forty, fifty years old. The kind that need a little extra love.

If you're in the market for one of those homes, the one's that might have a few "bumps and bruises" to them, you may well want to take a closer look. Popular Mechanics has a great article about what they call The Secret Guide To Finding The Right House. Included are these 11 "secrets" you might want to keep in mind.

You can check out more secrets from the article here. And who knows, one or two of them might just save you a headache later.

And best of luck to you finding that perfect home!

You Can Get This South Dakota Home Now For A 'Heck Of A Deal'

If you're looking for a three-bedroom, nine-bathroom, retractable roof home with a fish pond that sits on over eight acres of land...you're in luck! There is a home in South Dakota just like this located only 65 miles west of Sioux Falls.

The Mitchell Republic in Mitchell, South Dakota is reporting that the former Kelley property in Mitchell is still on the market right now for a great price. In fact, Mayor Bob Everson of Mitchell says this house is available for a "heck of a deal."


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