Hear that knock at the door?

Yeah, that's old man winter and as much as you'd like, you can't keep him out for long. Before you know it, the temps are going to drop a little more...a little more...a little more.

Then the snow. If you hate winter, insert your "sigh" here.

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So it's high time to put away all those summer items. Time to shelter the lawn mower and get out the snow blower. Time to pack away the grill....no, wait!

A lot of folks love grilling in the winter. In fact, my son is one of them. He's grilling almost every evening in the summer, and in the winter it's likely he's out there at least a couple times a week.

But there are a few tips for that winter grilling. Williams Sonoma has a website that offers 10 different things about summer versus winter grilling.

So if you're a summer-grillin' lover, you don't have to wait till next spring to grill. You can enjoy it all winter long!

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