During a time when more and more retailers are requiring customers to wear facial coverings, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores are no longer making it mandatory for their patrons to wear a mask.

Yep, you can leave your mask in the car, the next time you plan on going inside a Dollar Tree or Family Dollar store.

Dakota News Now is reporting, Dollar Tree Incorporated, which owns the two chains has done an about-face from nearly two weeks ago when they instituted a policy requiring shoppers, employees, and vendors to wear facial coverings.

During the recent announcement, Dollar Tree Incorporated did say they still plan to enforce mask-wearing if state and local laws mandate that one be worn.

The timing of the Dollar Tree Incorporated decision is interesting as a number of major retailers across the country like Walmart, Target, and others are now in the process of ramping up more stringent policies when it comes to their employees and customers wearing masks inside their shopping facilities.

As you know, the CDC is still very much on board the mask and social distancing train, as they encourage people on a daily basis to do both to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to Dakota News Now, Dollar Tree Incorporated did not give a reason why they decided to make the reversal on their facial coverings policy.

Source: Dakota News Now

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