OK, lets hop into the 'Way Back' machine. We're going to 1949.

Times were, apparently, a bit different back then. Some might call it quaint, simpler. Others might say it was sexist. Either way, it's safe to say times have changed.

Just take a peek into the 1949 Singer Sewing Book.

Not only did the manual give directions about how to operate the sewing machine, it told the woman a lot of other things as well. And yes, I said woman. Apparently your Grandpa never sat down at one of these contraptions.

I was looking at a website I love called Dusty Old Thing (they have some great historical insights) and came across their story about the 1949 sewing manual.

Among the things ladies were advised about in 'those days, in addition to operating the machine, were things like making sure all her other chores were done before sewing, things like making the beds and doing the dishes.

Oh, and the 1949 Singer Sewing Book also said that, while sewing, make sure you're wearing a clean dress, have powder and lipstick on, and its essential that you have your hair done. Why? Well, in case your husband were to come home in the middle of your sewing!

Now, I'm an old fella. I remember my mom sitting at the sewing machine, foot working the pedal and sewing up those blue jeans or shirts. But I guess I'm not '1949' old, because if my dear departed Pa had insisted she wear lipstick, powder and have her hair done up when she was sewing, well...there'd a been a battle!

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