I've always loved the variety of unique nicknames South Dakota High School's have. Many have a great history to them.

But sport team nicknames have caused controversy, no doubt about that. The University of North Dakota went through it. The Cleveland Indians are 'retiring' their logo soon. And then there's that tackle football squad in Washington, D.C.

Well, add another team to the list.

Apparently the 'Thunder Bears' have gone down in flames even before the name got officially lit.

The 'Thunder Bears'? Who are they? Where are they from? And what's bad about that name?

Well, I noticed on the Associated Press that a school district in Juneau, Alaska (I'm not sure but I think that's northwest of here) was all set to name their new team the 'Thunder Bears.' Made sense to me, if I recall there is a bear or two roaming around Alaska. But they've now decided to 'reevaluate' that choice.


It turns out a website called UrbanDictionary.com, which the story says is known to be raunchy, defines 'Thunder Bears' as a term for people who drink too much, 'usually of Native American descent'. And one student said she heard someone in class using the term offensively and was concerned it promoted racist stereotypes.

Who knew?

Where I grew up we called people who drank too much too often drunks, and it didn't matter what ethnicity they were.

Anyway, I guess there'll be no cheering for the Thunder Bears. It's kind of hard to find a name anymore that doesn't offend someone.

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