Do you think your pet is ready to be a breakout star? If so, Cadbury is holding tryouts right now for your pet to become the next Cadbury Bunny! Cadbury is revamping the classic commercial from 1994 with a whole new cast. It doesn't matter if your pet is a dog, cat, turtle and everything else.

According to ParadeKatrina Vatter, marketing team member, Cadbury U.S. brand said in a statement, "You can’t go a day without seeing adorable pets flood your social media channels. The pride that pet moms and dads have for their fur babies is undeniable, for years, we’ve seen sweet photos of their animals donning the famous Cadbury bunny ears, and now we want to give pet owners the chance to show off their pets in our iconic ad.”

The contest is open right now and you have till March 6th to submit your pet's photo. Just take a picture of them wearing bunny ears along with an essay 50 words or less on why they should be chosen. The top 20 semi-finalists will be asked to shoot a video and the winner will get $5000 for being in this year's commercial. Submit your photos by clicking HERE.

Source: Parade

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